How to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit

Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit :How to Increase Paytm Wallet Limit – Increase Paytm Wallet Limit – If you want to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit then we have provided steps to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit. Upgrading your Paytm wallet is a simple process. All you have to do is to submit a KYC (Know Your Customer) request within your Paytm account and your wallet will be upgraded in a few days time. Visit here if you want to Earn Free Paytm cash

Latest Update on 17th Feb 2020 for Paytm KYC

  • Paytm KYC via OTP is now active. Update your app.
  • Now you can upgrade your wallet and open payment bank at home.
  • Using Aadhar Card.
  • You Will Get Rs 20 Cashback Within 72 hours after Doing KYC
  • RBI guidelines only allow total add money of Rs. 10,000 per month for non-KYC verified wallet users. However, you can increase this to Rs. 1 Lac by following a simple verification process. Apart from increased spending limit, KYC verified users also enjoy a host of other benefits. Now you can Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank account without any Charges (All Users)

Update – Paytm has removed wallet to bank transfer charges for most of the users who have done KYC. * Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit

New RBI guidelines on pre-paid wallet instruments dated 11th Oct 2017 mandate all pre-paid wallet providers (like Paytm) to get Know Your Customer (KYC) done for their users. This a great step as it will help prevent identity theft, fraud and money laundering and make financial systems safer

When you Sign Up on Paytm, a wallet gets created for you in which you can add upto Rs. 20,000/- in a calendar month. This is as per RBI regulations. As a result there is a cap on how much you can spend. Also, there can be delays in getting cashback if the monthly limit of adding Rs. 20,000 gets exceeded.

You can upgrade your wallet for FREE by getting your KYC (Know Your Customer) done and get rid of the Rs. 20,000 monthly limit. Additionally, you will get the following benefits: * No spending limit * Special offers and more cashbacks * Eligible to open Paytm Payments bank account * You can Transfer Paytm to Bank without any Charges

How to Upgrade Paytm Limit wallet

  1. Click here to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit

2. Now select Request Wallet Upgrade

  1. Select whether you want to schedule an appointment or walk-in to nearest KYC center for faster verification. [I suggest you visit the KYC center nearer to you since it is a much faster verification processes.]
  2. If you want to schedule an appointment, provide your address. If you want to come to our KYC centers, then please carry ONE of your original documents as mentioned below. You will have to fill in KYC form, which will be available at our walk-in centers
  3. Please keep handy RBI approved documents for verification.

Terms & Condition-

  • Get cashback of Rs. 20 within 72 hours of approval of your KYC.
  • There is no promo code required for this and Rs. 20 will be credited in your Paytm wallet within 72 hours.
  • This is not applicable to KYC completed through home visit
  • Use promo code AADHAAR200 to avail Rs. 180 additional Cashback on recharge/bill payments.
  • This additional cash back of Rs. 180 will be spread over next 9 months.
  • You can use this promo code every month to recharge or pay bills and get Rs. 20 cash back on a minimum bill amount of Rs. 100
  • Promo code can be used 1 time per user per month for 9 months
  • User can use it a maximum of 9 times
    A number can be recharge maximum of 9 times
  • Not valid on recharge of Airtel recharge & bill payments
  • Offer is valid till 31st December 2018
    Please allow 48 hours for AADHAAR200 to be activated after your KYC has been completed. You will receive a notification from us once the offer is available to use in your account.

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Following is the RBI approved list of documents


Optional: If you want to spend more than Rs. 50,000 in a single transaction, submit a copy of your PAN card in addition to the above documents

Office timings: Visit us anytime between 10 AM and 5 PM on working days. Please carry originals of the above mentioned documents for verification along with two passport size photos.

Benefits Of Upgrading your Paytm Wallet

When you upgrade your Paytm Wallet, you can deposit up to Rs one Lakh and enjoy all the advantages of Paytm cashback offers.

If you haven’t upgraded your Paytm Wallet, you can only deposit up to Rs 10,000, and you might miss some of your favorite services.

You will receive all the Paytm Cashback faster when you upgrade your wallet, for ordinary wallet users, it might take up to 24 hours to receive the cashback.

Paytm is also offering exclusive cashback offers for KYC verified users so that you can have more cash back in your wallet.

Storing money in your Paytm Wallet is more beneficial now since the Paytm Wallet is approved as a Payment option at IRCTC.

So, you can book the Railway tickets and make the Payment using your Paytm Wallet.

No need to enter all the Long Card numbers or setting complex passwords for your Net Banking transactions.

You can just save your Credit/Debit cards securely and safely and save some time when you perform a transaction.

Money Transfer is one of the useful features of Paytm Wallet. All you have to do is “Scan a QR code or Slide to Pay” that’s it, you can send cash to your Parents, friends or even a taxi driver.

You can also use Paytm Wallet to shop at several websites like Uber, FoodPanda, BookMyShow, Dominos, Jabong, eBay and a lot more.

Here’s details of upgrade Paytm Limit ,what you need know:

  1. How can I upgrade my Paytm Limit?

You can simply press the “upgrade” button in your profile section of your Paytm Wallet. Once we’ve received your request, so our representative will call you and fix up an appointment at your convenience to complete the process.

  1. What is the process of upgrading the paytm wallet?

As per RBI guidelines, we’ve to verify that the Paytm Wallet belongs to you! That’s why to upgrade your Paytm Wallet, you need to get your KYC done. For this, we need your identity proof and address proof. Once you’ve applied for the wallet upgrade, our representative will call you to fix up an appointment where he can verify and collect the documents to complete the process.

  1. What are the charges of upgrading my wallet?

The great part, this is absolutely free of cost to all our Paytm Wallet users.

  1. How much time will it take to upgrade my Paytm Wallet after applying for upgrade?

Your account will be upgraded within 10-20 working days from the date you applied.

  1. Is there any place where I can go and get my KYC done?

So sorry, but currently the only way by which you can get your KYC done is through the visit of our representative to verify your original documents.

  1. I have got the call from the Paytm representative. Which documents do I need to provide to the person?

Our representative will give you a blank KYC form. You need to fill this form, attach a passport size photograph and provide self-attested copies of the your Government Id Proof.

So these are all details on how to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit. if you are facing any issues comment below and we will try to resolve your query related to Become Paytm KYC User to Upgrade Paytm Limit.

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