Top 10 trimmers under Rs 500 to buy

There are so many options for trimmers under 500 rupees. But only few of them offers good quality and durability. A trimmer can clean up that winter beard you’ve been working on, making it look intentional and respectable. It can also help you get a closer trim that looks nice if you prefer not to be clean-shaved.

There are mainly two types of trimmers available in the market. One is Rotary Trimmer, which includes three or four rotating blades around it. This type of trimmers are quite costly. But this is best for those guys who grows hair very fast in random direction. here are Top 10 Wallet Under Rs 500 From Amazon

Another type is Foil Trimmer. This type of trimmer includes oscillating blades under a foil. The foil has holes which captures the hair within it. You can trim your beard very close to the skin with this type of trimmers, so below are some of the best and Top 10 trimmers under Rs 500 to buy.

Top 10 trimmers under Rs 500 to buy

While there are many high-end products and beard trimmers in the market, one does not need to empty their pocket on any such products. There are many budget trimmers to provide a similar experience as a high-end trimmer. Here, we have made the best trimmers you can find under 500 INR.

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HTC AT-522 Trimmer ₹345
Rozia HD-102 Trimmer ₹449
Kemei KM-27C Trimmer ₹449
Nova NHT-1076 Cordless Trimmer ₹449

Philips QT4011/15 is the best trimmer concerning specification, reliability, and Philips assurance. It is currently best seller product in Amazon and on #1 position in trimmer category there also. Nothing wonder in that because it has a complete set of features in affordable price. but these trimmers cost more than Rs 500 so we have not listed here. If you are looking for Top 10 trimmers under Rs 500 to buy then below are tips.

Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer for Your Needs

  • Blades– They are the ones which come in contact with your skin. You don’t want accidental cuts and blade irritations. Get a trimmer whose blades are at least made of stainless steel and has rounded tips and non-scratching combs for extra protection and comfort.
  • Charge Time– It is the time that the trimmer takes to fully charge. Let’s say you wake up at 6 AM and you have to go somewhere at 9 AM. You check the trimmer and see that it’s out of charge.
  • Runtime – It is the time that the trimmer can be used after full charging. Get a trimmer with at least 45-60 minutes runtime. Otherwise, you will have to charge in-between trimming if you take a long time in trimming.
  • Noise – Many trimmers are noisy but however, there are still some versions on the marketplace that are noisy or come noise free. Try to have at least one with a decent sound level.
  • Flexible Head – Flexible heads are much better than the stiff head of blades, since the flexible heads are more effective in hard, wrongly aligned, compact areas.
  • Precision/Lock-In Length Setting  – The best trimmers give the precision up to 0.5 mm. The locking length settings enable you to lock in the blades of your mustache and beard trimmer at certain lengths (usually from one millimeter up) and achieve the most accurate shaving and trimming experience.

The trimmer comes with four combs of different length settings, 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, and 12 mm. As a result, you can easily get a three-day shadow look. If you require 0.5mm clean shave, then just remove the comb.

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